The Art of Silk Road competition and exhibition goal is to promote global recognition of the artists, creative expression and to allow them to benefit from their effort during their lifetime. The Art of Silk Road is a non-profit organization which provides a bridge between the world's talents and public, facilitating direct cultural exchanges.
          It is our belief that the patronage of the creative art is a social mandate and the nurturing of the creative spirit is an obligation. To further this mission, all proceeds from the sale of works during the competition will go entirely to the artists.
          Enclosed you will find six elements of the "Art of Silk Road". Each element includes Children section demonstrating children ability to create art, crafts and dance, music and performance as professionals including cinema from age 3 to 17. Many seminars, workshops, discussions and demonstrations will be included during the events. For further information please contact us or visit our website at http://www.artofsilkroad.com

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National Museum of Art, Project "Art of Silk Road"

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