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Kyrgyzpatent has always supported creative personalities in the Kyrgyz Republic and demonstrates their support for artists through organizing competitions, exhibitions and workshops. A highlight of their support was an exhibition in October 2010 organized for their employee Tinatin Osmonalieva. Tina, born and raised in Bishkek, is an expert employed in the department of trademark expertise with Kyrgyzpatent and also an artist.
Giving joy to people is fundamental in‌Tina’s creations. Her artistic style is undefinable, because her art work is original, versatile and unusual as she seeks her own path in fine art. A colorful texture creates a special interpretation of landscapes and floral bouquets in her paintings, accomplishing this through the use of the unique technique of painting on felt with acrylic paints. This technique is a specialty of Tina’s know-how. Felt is an essential attribute of life of Kyrgyz people. Tina unites traditional and modern materials in her work. The distinctiveness of her art works catches the eye when the coarse felt exhibits fabulous images of the caravans moving along the Silk Road, the beauty of nature, and colorful floral arrangements.

Tina has a strong personality which fuels her great creative potential. Her imagination is inexhaustible and boundless. Her colorful paintings with pure colors in the most illuminated areas of the composition indicate her strong-willed character. Tina’s work demonstrates not only the beauty of local landscapes, but also nature and spirituality. Her ability to capture and paint everyday life with bright colors draws inspiration from the little things that surround it, to create "an amazing surprise”.

The National Museum of Fine Arts of the Kyrgyz Republic exhibited Tina’s work in the International Exhibition “Art of Silk Road” in 2002 and 2003. Her art works have been acquired by private collectors in China, England, France, Germany, Iran, Switzerland, USA, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Paintings on Felt
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Paintings on Canvas and Eggshell
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