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  Kyrgyz Republic

2002, All Rights Reserved

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please contact  Art of Silk Road online or at either address.

Edited by: Leslie E. Ashby

Book design by: Urmat Osmoev
Photography by: Sagyn Ailchiev
Logo design by: Pedram Shokati

Trophy design by: Rifkat Buharmetov and Askar Turumbekov
Graphic support by: ILiyas Aidar
Printed by: Promat Basim Yayin Sanayi, Turkiye

This book is dedicated to the Kyrgyz Republic, its artists, and artisans.

Art of Silk Road wishes to extend a special acknowledgement to the following individuals for their contributions:

Mairam Akayeva, First Lady of the Kyrgyz Republic
Osmonakun Ibraimov, State Secretary of the Kyrgyz Republic
Ishengul Boljurova, Minister of Education and Culture of the Kyrgyz Republic
Mairam Yusupova, Director of the Kyrgyz State Museum of Fine Art
Jumabek Tentiev, President of the Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transportation, and Architecture
Dinara Chochunbaeva, President of the Central Asian Crafts Support Association
Adash Toktosunova, Secretary General of the National Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic for UNESCO
Almagul Naizabekova, Program Coordinator of the SOROS Foundation - Kyrgyzstan

We would also like to thank the following supporters for their time and effort:

Nikolai Tanaev, Prime Minister of the Kyrgyz Republic
Baktybek Abdrisayev, Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to the United States of America and Canada
Asanbek Sarybayev, Head of the Social-Cultural Development Department of the Government
of the Kyrgyz Republic
Conrad Turner, Public Affairs Officer of the U.S. Embassy to the Kyrgyz Republic
Urs Herren, Head of the Swiss Cooperation Office-Bishkek
Florent Le Duc, Culture Officer of UNESCO Cluster Office in Almaty, Kazakhstan
Nurbek Turduculov, General Director of BITEL GSM Company
Deborah Klepp
Leslie and Stephen Ashby
Vahid Koussari Amin
Askar Baratbaev
Ishkhan A. Chatoev
Gelareh S. Esfahlani
Arabidin Kalandarov
Anthony Shea
Yuristanbek Shigaev
Pedram Shokati
Mimi Abassi and Allen Jafari

And finally, a special thank you to brother and sister Nickon and Aijan Vossough for their patience, love,
and support during this long period of separation.

Art of Silk Road is sincerely grateful to its many sponsors for their dedication and generosity in publishing this book:


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National Commission of the
Kyrgyz Republic for

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Soros Foundation - Kyrgyzstan

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Embassy of theUnited States of America to the Kyrgyz Republic


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Central Asia Crafts Support Association

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Investment Bank Issyk-Kul

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Silk Road Lodge

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KUMTOR  Operating Company

The goals of Art of Silk Road's competition, exhibition, and publication are to promote global recognition of artists' creative expressions and to give artists an opportunity to benefit from their efforts during their own lifetimes. The non-profit organization Art of Silk Road bridges the world's talents and the public, facilitating direct cultural exchanges.

It is our belief that the patronage of the creative arts is a societal mandate and the nurturing of the creative spirit an obligation. To further this mission, all proceeds from the sale of works through Art of Silk Road will go entirely to the artists.

We would like to congratulate all of the participants of Art of Silk Road 2002 for their meaningful and irreplaceable contributions to the world's cultural diversity. Art of Silk Road owes a great deal to these very special individuals for their tremendous support.

To all the patrons of Art of Silk Road, we extend a very heartfelt thank you.

Art of Silk Road Board of Directors

Dinara Chochunbaeva
Tolkun Osmonalieva
Gulmira Sydykova
Behrokh Vossough
Mayram Yusupova

Art of Silk Road Organization

Behrokh Vossough, CEO
Tolkun Osmonalieva, Managing Director
Gulmira Sydykova, Director of Operations
Aizada Kudaibergenova, Assistant Director of Administration
Merim Karabaeva, Executive Assistant
Margarita Kunchenko, International Liaison
Arabidin Kalandarov, Computer Systems Manager
Busabira Aidaralieva, Accountant


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