This original sculpture, created by Kyrgyz artists Rifkat Buharmetov and Askar Turumbekov, was given as trophies to Art of Silk Road 2002 Lifetime Achievement Award winners. It was also replicated on a large scale as a commemorative monument outside of the Kyrgyz State Museum of Fine Art.

The sculpture is an abstract depiction of the Great Silk Road, which has linked people and cultures across time and space to forge accord, peace, friendship, and dialogue. The sculpture's completely balanced twisted shape turns upon itself to produce a refined silhouette that suggests multiple associations. Viewing the shape from different angles, the spatial composition brings to mind new objects and images: the joining together of East and West; the outline of a "Badam;" an Eastern woman wearing traditional headwear; "Ying and Yang," the Eastern sign of perpetuity; a violinist's musical clef; a musical instrument; or whatever your imagination sees.

In addition to its shape, the sculpture is also complicated yet whimsical in its composition. The burnished white metal plays with reflected light and gradations in golden tones along the exciting, ever-changing beltway that aggressively climbs and smoothly descends over and over. The silhouette of the monument implies clarity, equilibrium, and austerity worthy of a modern sculpture of the third millennium.

The logo of Art of Silk Road is inscribed on the plaque at the base of the monument. Its graphic design represents the Great Silk Road with disrupted horizontal lines within a rectangle. This is meant to show the fine infrastructure of the Great Silk Road-sand dunes in a desert or silhouettes of mountains or pyramids or the humps of camels-all images and mirages of the Great Silk Road.

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